Commercial Property

Tower Ownership, Leasing, and Management – Elite is highly motivated to make certain that the revenue potential from clients’ property (ies) is maximized and subtenants are aggressively pursued. Elite performs and funds the expense associated with all permitting, construction, and necessary maintenance.

Build-to-Suit Programs – Elite is a rapidly growing site management and development firm focused primarily on telecommunications and wireless infrastructure within Long Island. Elite’s distinguished clientele include companies from the carrier level and private (Build-to-Suit) sector, as well as a variety of municipal, state and federal governmental agencies. Utilizing in-house resources combined with the joint efforts of strategically placed vendor and subcontractor partnerships, Elite is able to ensure our client(s) the most budgetary compliant, efficient and meticulously completed work possible.

Site Development – Elite has partnered with communities in the northeastern U.S. to utilize private and municipal property for wireless site development. Services include potential site identification, rooftop management, site marketing, wireless ordinance review, and interface/advisory communications for lease negotiations, carrier disputes, and relationship building with community organizations.

Property Management – Elite’s principals have managed properties for 25+ years and pride themselves on bringing a degree of innovation, creativity, and efficiency to the oversight of wireless telecommunications towers and building rooftops. The company’s goal is to manage clients’ properties to the extent that their only involvement with the project is receiving a monthly rental check.

Operations – Elite ensures that rents are received on time and that landlords are paid accurately. Elite provides insurance coverage for liability and full replacement of each structure. Elite pays all local personal property taxes (where required) and local utilities (if needed). Tenants (wireless carriers) provide and pay for their own utilities. Locally, Elite performs site-marketing activities and provides all site maintenance necessary to keep facilities in compliance with building codes, clean, and in good repair.