Elite’s experience working with municipalities, while employing top legal and land-use professionals, allows it to turn these locations into viable projects. Elite engages leading experts in the industry—a radio frequency engineer, an architect/planner, an environmental compliance specialist, a real estate expert, a zoning attorney, and a contract attorney—that provide testimony and supporting documentation for the permitting process. Without these appropriately skilled experts, successful permitting would not be possible.

Unlike most site development firms, Elite DOES NOT CHARGE FEES to service properties under our management. To date, Elite has successfully negotiated and leased over 1,200 properties. Wireless telecommunications carriers also are able to take advantage of these services. Premium property management offerings include tenant customer service and issue resolution, leasing and processing permitting applications, and property maintenance. Elite is recognized for developing strong landlord-tenant relationships based on expeditious response to owner- tenant concerns and knowledgeable customer service.