Our Approach

Elite has the unique expertise necessary to evaluate properties for possible tower development, and possesses the unrivaled ability to turn those underutilized locations into valuable cash generators. While our clients stand to profit in the financial success of each developed site, it will bear none of the risk of permitting, marketing, operating or financing the projects.

Elite’s operating managers live on Long Island and have worked in the fields of wireless site design and development for 17 years. This has provided a rich understanding of the carriers’ need for improved coverage, which allows Elite to select high-potential locations with a high probability of obtaining the carrier support necessary for successful permitting.

Each site is a custom build as each tower location is chosen and designed in a collaborative effort with the property owner, local community, municipality, and wireless carrier. Sites are built with state-of-the-art structures and safety measures and designed to be esthetically pleasing.

We work with STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc. to design and fabricate RF transparent antenna concealment systems for the wireless industry. Architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing antenna concealment systems assist our clients in receiving quicker zoning and building owner approvals. And speedy approvals translate to faster site revenues.